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Now more than ever people need to reconnect – with nature, those close to us and ourselves – to create memories, have fun and feel fulfilled. We believe that travel experiences can be meaningful and effect a positive and lasting change on our lives.

Booking Related Questions

Yes, our website provides live availability and is the easiest way to book.  However, if you can’t find the dates or vehicle you want, please call us on 07506 672749 or email us ([email protected]) as we can often accommodate requests that the system can’t allow for.

Our minimum number of nights in peak season from 1st March until 31st October is 3.  You can of course return the vehicle early if you wish but the price is based on 3 nights during this time.

Out of season our vehicles are available for hire with a 1 day minimum hire period. Out of season we typically provide the vehicles for hire without camping equipment, they make excellent winter cars to enjoy the Highlands whilst staying in the warmth of a Hotel or Cottage!  We have also have 2 cottages immediately adjacent to each other near Dunkeld if you wanted to explore Perthshire: www.pheasantcottage.co.uk

One of the many benefits of booking with Nomadic Scotland for your Land Rover Roof Tent Camping Experience is that we are able to create bespoke itineraries for you utilising the experience of our Team to blend the places you want to see with some hidden gems you may not be aware of.

Yes you can, many people choose to hire our iconic vehicles just to explore the Scottish Highlands and Islands.  The Defenders in particular, are an experience in themselves to drive and enjoy – few modern cars are as old school or analogue today as the Defender. We love the Defender, not without its quirks, but full of character and driving one is little like anything else.

Our insurance allows drivers aged between 23 and 70 to hire our cars with fully comprehensive insurance.  It may be possible for drivers outside of these ages to be covered but this would be with prior arrangement and is the exception.

Prices quoted on the website include comprehensive insurance for up to 2 drivers, unlimited mileage, all the camping equipment needed for the number of passengers in your car and VAT.  We offer a range of add on extras to enhance your camping experience should you require them, these come at an additional fixed cost regardless of the length of your hire.  The only additional charges arise if there is damage to the vehicle, the vehicle is returned without a full tank of fuel or other parking or speeding fines are received after the booking.  Our Full Terms & Conditions are on our website LINK.

It is ordinarily possible to park at our premises in a compound which is locked each night but spaces are not guaranteed and we accept no liability for the security and safety of your car.

Our team will provide a comprehensive hand over and demonstration of the vehicle and all equipment as you require.  Additionally, we have a range of “How to” Video’s on YouTube that may prove useful to watch ahead of or during your booking.

You can absolutely hire multiple vehicles, some of the best experiences can come from driving and camping with friends or family in convoy. Bookings need to be made individually so please either book at the same time or get in touch and we can reserve the vehicles you want for you.

We love dogs and well-behaved dogs are certainly welcome, a small additional charge is applicable to cover the additional cleaning often required with a furry guest.

Driving Related Questions

It is not possible to drive our vehicles off road, whilst the vehicles are very capable, we are not an offroad driving company.  Anyone found to be venturing off road through our tracking systems or otherwise will be fully liable for all costs and may be subject to the immediate termination of the hire agreement.  The vehicles are not insured to be driven off road.

Our cars can accommodate between 2 and 7 people whilst driving.  The number of passenger seats is displayed within the details of each vehicle (please consider how much luggage you will have with you when considering which vehicle to select).  Our comprehensive camping gear takes up a good amount of space in the car. In general, we’d advise no more than 5 people in any car, regardless of seats if you plan to camp or have a lot of luggage.

Our tents can accommodate 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children.

Many of our guests hire our vehicles and mix camping with stays in Hotels, Airbnb’s and Cottages. Unlike most motorhomes, our set up means that the vehicles can be easily parked within normal sized parking spaces, adding to their versatility.  They also take up less space on some of the narrower roads in the Highlands making them far easier to drive and blend in than some of the Motorhomes you on the road in the summer. 

Equally, some customers rent a vehicle just for the experience of driving an iconic, rugged car around Scotland.  In itself, this is a highly memorable experience.

Defenders drive unlike any other car on the road.  They cannot be rushed and to some extent force you to slow down and enjoy where you are, if you do this they are a pleasure and easy to drive.  This is one of the massive benefits we see in this experience.  The analogue nature of the cars is part of the appeal and will help you disconnect from your day to day life, screens, technology and the busy world we live in.

Our fleet mainly consists of the last model Puma Defender’s, which have the most modern creature comforts of the and conveniences.  The cars are not difficult to drive but you need to adapt your style to the car. They are big but have square corners and good visibility so are easy to judge when parking.  We can here to help and provide tips and advice on how to get the most out of your trip.  If you have any questions, call or email us on 07506 672749 or [email protected].

Smoking is absolutely not permitted in our vehicles or tents.  If it is found that either have been smoked in, additional charges may be applied to your booking.

Camping Questions

That’s no problem, we are here to help and support you in experiencing something different.  We’ve curated the list of equipment we provide to be intuitive to use as well as robust.  We believe in the benefits to mental health and family connection from getting more in touch with nature, camping allows you to do this more than any other type of accommodation!  Part of our mission is to make it more accessible to people who may not have experienced its benefits before. A full demonstration of the equipment is part of our service at handover and continues as you need during your trip.

Putting up the iKamper roof tents really is as simple as unlocking 2 catches and opening the box, so you won’t have any difficulty.  We will take you through this and any additional features or accessories at handover.

It is certainly more comfortable to stay in a campsite with hot and cold water and toilet facilities.  This is what we normally do. A list of campsites is available at www.visitscotland.com.  Scottish campsites are generally brilliant and can in themselves be wild enough for most. 

However, some people may wish to “wild camp”.  This is permitted in Scotland as long as its done in accordance with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (https://www.outdooraccess-scotland.scot/practical-guide-all/camping).  The code doesn’t extend to camping in vehicles although you may find certain locations where you are able to camp informally but it is important to obtain landowner’s consent wherever possible before doing so.

Visit Scotland video guides to camping are available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvOS53pbQFc

The basic set up takes no more than 5-10 minutes to unpack.  If you add on any additional awnings or other add on’s, it can be slightly longer than this.  In general we find people develop a method during their trip and are frequently very surprised with how easy it is.

We encourage you to find toilet facilities wherever possible.  This is one of the benefits of a campsite!  We can also provide a shovel within the equipment list if you want it but it’s important that you follow the principle of leaving no trace.

We provide sleeping bags, blankets and pillows.  We also have sleeping bag liners and other equipment available to buy at Nomadic Base Camp.  Some customers like to bring their own which also can work well but we always recommend checking the weather before you come to ensure what you bring matches the temperature.

We provide sleeping bags, blankets and pillows.  We also have sleeping bag liners and other equipment available to buy at Nomadic Base Camp.  Some customers like to bring their own which also can work well but we always recommend checking the weather before you come to ensure what you bring matches the temperature.

Destination Questions

This is one of the big benefits of booking with Nomadic Scotland, our local team has a wealth of experience and knows the best places to go at different times of year and to accommodate personal preferences.  We have a range of itineraries available to make this easy for you, so you can relax and enjoy your trip.  Give us a call, WhatsApp or email – we’re here to help. 

You can also find a lot of ideas on our Instagram account, give us a follow or tag us when out of your trip.  https://www.instagram.com/nomadic.scotland/

This is always a possibility in Scotland!  As some people say, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing” – this applies perfectly to camping.  The equipment loaded into your car is set up for the likely conditions you’ll experience at the time of year.  However, you may prefer to take the option of a night or two in the comfort of a hotel or other accommodation if the weather isn’t, that’s one of the benefits of the flexible set up we have.  We can provide recommendations for this if needed.

You can absolutely travel to the Scottish Islands, they’re incredible and some of the most scenic and special places in Scotland.  It does generally require a little forward planning as ferries can get booked up during peak periods.  CalMac is the ferry operator that carries vehicles and passengers out to the Islands https://www.calmac.co.uk/

Other Questions

We sell a small range of additional equipment for your comfortable and convenience from our Welcome Centre in Perth but we don’t currently sell tents or larger pieces of equipment. We are always here to help with advice and suggestions for equipment if we want our help, please reach out.

We are open all year around and vehicles are available for hire throughout.  In the winter, we tend to make the vehicles available without camping gear as that is most guests preference.  The cars make excellent winter vehicles for exploring the Highlands, all being 4×4 and very capable.  Many people choose to rent with us for this reason over the mainstream hire companies.  We are also able to deliver vehicles to the main airports during the winter season as required.

We are open to discussing relationships with select, strategic partners where there is a good brand alignment and audience.  Please contact us if you believe there’s a fit.